My Story Of Three Places And Its Impact Economically In Geography Contexts

Here is My story of three places. How three places impacted me and how these places are impacted by me economically is described below.

There are three important places: Surrey, Vancuover, and Burnaby which impact me and are impacted by me economically. I live in Surrey, which is a place of comfort where I can spend my time with loved ones since I am living here with my sister and friends. This place gives me a sense of freedom and helps me to get rid of all the problems I face throughout the day as this is the only place where I can express myself properly. Second place in Vancouver. I am studying in Vancouver at Columbia College. My college provides me with a lot of learning skills; and helps me to indulge in education. For me, this place is a center of art and ideas, exchanges of views and perspective; this place also aids me to have lifetime connections. And the third place is Burnaby. I work at INS market situated in SFU university. Different people are working with aims for a single goal; this place not only helps me to earn my livelihood but also makes me responsible for my duties; and teaches me how to communicate with colleagues and customers. These three places are important to me economically as these places play an important role in making my lifestyle good in Canada. These three places are interconnected. Without any of them, I cannot survive.


I impacted these three places economically. At my work, I perform a lot of activities that make the company to have a profit. As we know, our little efforts help a lot to achieve something big. There is not even a shadow of a doubt that the company runs collectively with the help of different employees. Every person puts in maximum effort, in the same way, as a part of the company I give my best to make the company achieve something. As we know, every person in a workplace is assigned different duties. So, I am participating in the company with different duties. So, I can say that my efforts will help the company expand its customer base and increase revenue flow within the business. It helps to broaden the company’s reach within the region the business is situated in and helps to broaden its context to more regions. I impact my college economically; as I am an international student, I attract more students in my home country by telling them about the specialties of my college. I want to present one example here as I was in India (in my home country); I want to seek education from abroad so one of my friends is studying here at Columbia College; so, I wanted to have his advice regarding college and what college, or university should I chose for my further education. He advised me about Columbia College; he showed me many specialties of the college which made me enroll in this college. So, in the same way, whenever any of my friends ask me for the best college, I recommend Columbia College. Moreover. I am trying to study hard with the help of the best instructors so it would also increase the reputation of the college and many students would join this college. It is true that when people start to join colleges outside their country it increases the reputation of the college/university where the student is going to enroll. So, I can say with the help of international students this college is known in many other regions. It is also a good way to increase the economic rate of an entire institution. When more and more students are attracted by the college then the flow of revenue is created which helps the institution to hire more employees for the enhancement of students. So, it not only attracts students on international grounds but also creates a path of employment for many unemployed people. Not only universities or colleges benefit from the students but also the nearby small restaurants and shops. As there are many cafeterias and restaurants where I see many students eating and buying necessities. I am a student, I need to eat and buy something from the nearby restaurants and shops; like many other students I go to nearby places to eat; it is obvious that along with the college, small shops and restaurants also make a profit for me indirectly. So, to run their business, these shops and restaurants also hire many employees to run their business. When people work it becomes beneficial for action and it also influences the GDP. I earn and spend. This is influencing the cycle of the economy as I am investing my income in the things that I need, in the same way, my demands would increase; indirectly I am asking for better services from the owner of any particular business. There would be a need to hire more employees, invest in expansion, to produce things more. It is creating a way for others. So, directly, or indirectly I am contributing to the economy and reputation of the place where I am studying. My studies would have a great effect on the world economy as I am studying arts, my understanding makes me think about geography, economy, environmental issues, technical fields, and issues. I would be able to address all these issues anyhow. I would be able to address many issues with my studies. The place where I am living is also impacted by me economically. Every human needs to fulfill the basic things to survive. The first and main necessity is Home. As I am a new immigrant in Canada, I have left my own home in my home country. Now I have a responsibility to survive here. Currently, I am living in an apartment.

Apartment in surrey

Which I need to design according to my own. I need to set up the basic furniture like a bed, tables, and chairs. So, I need to purchase it. In this way, I am investing in a store that can provide me with basic furniture. This is growing the business of a person from where I am buying the basic things for my own home. Moreover, I need to maintain my apartment from time to time. So, it is creating more employment for the person who is maintaining my home. I need to buy groceries; I need to commute to the local stores to buy the basic things for my home. Moreover, my needs while having a shelter are impacting the economy of the world indirectly. For example: I am buying the furniture from a local shop; this furniture comes under the supply chain or may be part of international trade. Any manufacturing company is going through different processes such as producing the raw material, manufacturing the product, and distributing it on a global scale. No doubt, products could be produced in different countries and exported to other countries to sell it worldwide. This all process makes me part of that supply chain. My purchases are creating the demand for more raw materials, more wood, and more metal to fulfill my needs. My needs require a lot of businesses, more workers, and more factories. This is how my small purchase is contributing to the world economy. So, all the stores and people around the place where I am living are impacted by me economically.

Describe how these places have impacted you.

These three places impact me as well. Firstly, my workplace.

INS Market Burnaby

Food court (SFU)

The best thing about my job is that it is situated in the University. So, it provides me with the benefits and sense of security that no other local store cannot provide me with. The first and most important thing that matters is the salary that we are earning. I am working there and getting paid for my work. It is helping me economically as with the help of my salary I can easily pay my bills, my fare of commuting to my work. My workplace is providing me with the experience of work that would help me in the future to have a job in a reputable company. This makes my future bright in terms of earning satisfying salaries. Moreover, I am working in a university background from where I can meet with many customers who have different interests and belong to different places, and countries and they have different cultures.

SFU ( Maggie Benston Centre)

Understanding their way and the things they are most interested in, can increase the sales of the store. It is obvious when sales are improved my salary will also be improved. I have been doing work here for one year, I am experienced with the things that are important and should be handled wisely in the store. Now I am getting offered by many other stores just because of this business as it provides me with good experience. In my college, I have to pay my tuition fee to enroll in courses that are important to complete my studies. As I am a student and cannot work full time, I cannot pay my tuition fee myself. So back home my parents supported me to pay my fee. They perform different activities to earn money. Our main source of income is agriculture. My father performs agriculture activities on a large scale as we do not grow crops to use at home; we sell them and make money. My studies impact not only me but also those who are working in our agriculture field. My father needs to hire more workers to grow seasonal crops. Main crop of our region is cotton And rice.

They are earning money from our crops as they are working there to earn their livelihood.

Our Farm Of cotton

Paddy crop At our farm

That’s how they earn and send me money to pay my tuition fees.

So, this college is impacting me and my parents economically. I am facilitated by other facilities at my college, which can save me money as well. For instance, here I can get free medical checkups and free meals. Sometimes, I am provided with the groceries and food plan here. I need to pay for my fares as this college is quite far from my home. So, I need to spend some money to commute here and have an education. This place is making me academically good. So, in the future, I can get a job that helps me to lead a good lifestyle here. My home is impacting me as well. I need to spend a big chunk of money on my rent, groceries, and necessities which are important to be at home. The cost of living is high in the area where I am living. Transportation facilities near my home are not good. There are rare buses that help me to commute to my college or university. So, every day I need to pay for a ride. Here I am spending my salary on Uber and rides. It is helping them to have employment. It is quite expensive to afford it regularly. So, my home is impacting me more economically.

My workplace, home, and college are influenced by and linked with each other. As I am living in Surrey. It is only possible if am doing good at my work and able to pay my expenses and able to afford my expenses. I am studying at Columbia College I need to pay my fees; a good economic background is important to complete my studies. So, there is a need to have a job. So, I am doing my job as well. As every human needs to have basics to live their lives, I need to have food, shelter, maintain my expenses, good education to have a bright future. All are interconnected economically. If anyone from them is missing; I cannot contribute to the world economy. I can say that I am the best contributor to the economy as I am doing a lot of activities that are supporting me and others financially.

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